Government Housing Assistance Program

Upside down in your home and facing a PCSmove. Many parts of the country have faced a a drastic decrease in home values with the mortgage crisis. You may qualify for assistance throught the Housing Assistance Program: 

Please check out their website to see if you qualify.  Also BRAC affected individuals, Injured service members, and surviving spouses may also benefit from this program.

 Get your trusted realtor to give you market information about your area.


fayettevillenc4sale’s posterous Big Box

fayettevillenc4sale’s posterous Big Box vs. Traditional Construction Thursday, March 17, 2011, 9:50:32 AM Lately among many realtors in the Fayetteville NC area we have had many discussions about the big box home that was originally brought to our area by Savvy Homes at Highgrove at Anderson Creek. Other builders in the area including H & H Homes and Caviness and Cates were faced with the dilemma of having their own versions of the big box in order to compete for the new home construction business and found a way to be very successful with their versions of the big box. H & H Homes has a big box called the American Dream Series and the Classic version offered at a value price. Caviness and Cates also has a similar product. They are a great value for the money, offering a large home, usually on a slab foundation with lower end specs to keep the price low. The discussions have been where is the market going in the future, are we going to stay with this building model or are the consumers going to go back to the traditional homes with a little less square footage, on a crawlspace foundation with upgraded specs? I would really like your thoughts on this subject….please reply. Jenny Copeland